Michael McKechney

I am a systems software architect with over 15 years of experience in software design and management

Here are some interesting open source projects I have worked on...

Azure (Health) Events

Azure Events is command-line utility that provides a convenient means to subscribe to resource specific Azure cloud health event notifications.

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SQL Build Manager

SQL Build Manager is an all in one tool for building and maintaining a package of SQL scripts to manage builds and updates to your SQL Server database.

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Multi-line string formatter

(A horrible name I know, but a pretty useful app)
A handy utility to easily manage repetitive text formatting and processing tasks without the need for any custom scripting.

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Active Directory Helper

A simple end user utility to query user and group information out of Active Directory

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Subversion Notify for Windows

Honestly, if you are still using Subversion, I recommend you migrate to Git, but if you don't want to migrate, this is a great tool to easily implement pre and post-commit hooks on a Windows machine
(The link is to an old site, yet to be migrated)

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